GM47 Gaugemaster N Gauge N Scale Locomotive Wheel Cleaner

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This wheel cleaner features two incredible sponge strips which polish locomotive wheels and avoid scratching or possibly damaging traction tyres. The conductive sponge strips pass power to all pickups to gently clean the rotating wheels. Power is obtained by two pre-wired crocodile clips which can be clipped directly to the track this means you can use it on both 2 rail analogue or DCC layouts. This allows full control over the speed and direction of the locomotive The unit comes with two plastic strips which can be used as buffers to stop the locomotive rolling off the end of the cleaner. The cleaner is roughly 20cm long and Spare Pads are also available. The pads are easily changed by unscrewing the base plate underneath the cleaner and pulling the two larger plates apart. The old pads can then be pulled off and the new ones stuck on using the self adhesive strips.
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ScaleN Gauge (1:148 Scale)
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