DCC-ESPS.12 DCC Concepts ESP 4x 3-Output DCC Transmitter

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12-Output Wireless DCC Transmitter for use with DCCconcepts ESP System

4x 3-Output ESP DCC Transmitter

Presented in a smart leather box your ESP Starter Kit will reach you in perfect condition and could make the perfect gift!

Very easy to use this unit is the heart of ESP .
DCC-ESPS.12 can be powered by a DCC track bus or with any regulated DC power source or battery able to deliver from 12 to 20 volts.
DCC-ESPS.12 gives twelve inputs that can be connected to any form of detection or switch and three independent wireless outputs each with its own DCC address.
The ESP address range is from 1 to 2044.
To complete your wire-free installation the DCC-ESPS.6 is paired with the DCC-ESPR.1 receiver which receives the commands and delivers them to your DCC system or control panel either as a direct DCC command or as a sniffer â device so your screen-based DCC system can also receive feedback.
DCC-ESPS.12 can pair with multiple receivers.
Unlike Wi-Fi based systems ESP has no limits on the quantity of input channels and there is zero possibility of interference.
ESP has full power-off memory and is also protected against wrong connections.

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