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New models in N, OO and OO9


Today (1st February 2023) saw the launch of our first new products for 2023 with the Spring British Railway Announcements. Following a bumper year in 2022, which saw twelve major projects completed and delivered to retailers, and a total of more than 400 new items released in our British-outline railway ranges, today’s British Railway Announcements is Bachmann’s biggest yet, with some 111 new items unveiled and confirmed for delivery to Bachmann stockists in the coming months.

Wagons Galore from Bachmann Narrow Gauge

The Bachmann Narrow Gauge range saw both the Quarry Hunslet and Mainline Hunslet locomotives delivered at the end of 2022, with four versions of each, along with SOUND FITTED options for the Mainline Hunslets. Adding to the range of OO9 scale models by Bachmann Narrow Gauge this Spring and expanding the selection of rolling stock available are five further RNAD wagons. These new versions join the eight models previously announced, which are now in transit to the UK, and depict wagons in original RNAD use, in the colours of other freight operators namely the Southern Railway and ICI Lime, and in preserved condition.

It’s all about the Freight for Graham Farish this Quarter

In N Scale the all-new Graham Farish Class 90 Electric Locomotive will now be available in Freightliner ‘Powerhaul’ livery, with or without SOUND FITTED, whilst the Class 08 Diesel Shunter is offered in the popular BR Green and BR Blue colour schemes using the newly-upgraded model which also allows SOUND FITTED models to be offered alongside the standard versions. The Graham Farish rolling stock range sees a major injection of wagons with new releases of the 14 Ton Tanks, 30 Ton Bogie Bolsters, Bogie Ballast Hoppers, 27 Ton Steel Tipplers and HKA Bogie Hopper Wagons all set for release this Spring. In each instance, multiple liveries will be available and, in most cases, offered with a choice of two running numbers per livery.

37s Galore from Bachmann Branchline

Upgrades, including the provision for SOUND FITTED models, to the award-winning Bachmann Branchline BR Standard Class 9F Steam Locomotive were announced in Winter 2022 and today, two further models were unveiled including the sole surviving Single Chimney locomotive No. 92134. SOUND FITTED versions of the Windhoff two-car Multi-Purpose Vehicle will also be released for the first time, alongside standard models, in two Network Rail colour schemes. Six new identities for the all-new Class 37 from Bachmann Branchline are unveiled, covering the early years in traffic with two BR Green-liveried models, through Sectorisation, and into the modern day with a Colas Rail Freight example. All models feature unique tooling combinations to ensure they are of the highest fidelity, and are offered in three formats – standard, SOUND FITTED and SOUND FITTED DELUXE.

Lobsters for the OO Connoisseur this Spring

New Tooling for Spring 2023 comes in the form of the MXA ‘Lobster’ Bogie Open Wagons. These wagons, built by DB Cargo using redundant Bogie Bolster wagon frames, were outshopped in the vibrant red livery of DB Cargo and the new Branchline model will be available with a choice of two running numbers. Completing the Bachmann Branchline offering this quarter is a twin pack of ScotRail Mk2 Coaches, and a further release of the Class 158 DMU which appears in Arriva Trains Wales livery.

Nodding Donkeys new from EFE Rail

There are new DMUs for EFE Rail too, with the Class 143 and 144 ‘Pacer’ two-car DMUs, also known by enthusiasts as ‘Nodding Donkeys’, announced – five liveries are available across the two classes.

Scenecraft’s Spring Collection unveiled

Bachmann’s Scenecraft range is boosted with more than a dozen new N scale models, whilst in OO scale several popular products return including the Two Lane Engine Shed, Depot Water Tower and Art Deco Signal Box, alongside a selection of new items.

E-Z Command Plus – a new entry-point for DCC

The E-Z Command Control Centre, Bachmann’s pioneering DCC system, has provided the entry into DCC for thousands of modellers and today a new version of this popular controller was revealed – E-Z Command Plus. This easy-to-use DCC system allows the operation of multiple locomotives and up to 29 functions can be controlled allowing the full suite of sound and light effects from SOUND FITTED and SOUND FITTED DELUXE models to be enjoyed. Other features include simple on-track locomotive address programming, and the rotary speed dial which is complemented by an illuminated speed scale. A new Locomotive Stop button allows individual locomotives to be stopped, whilst the Stop All button initiates a complete emergency stop to bring the whole layout to a halt. E-Z Command Plus is suitable for use with DCC-equipped N, OO and OO9 scale models and features simple plug and play wiring to allow setup in minutes.

New Logos as Bachmann Celebrates 190 Years!

Alongside the new products for Spring 2023, our new logos were also formally unveiled today – these have been launched to coincide with Bachmann’s 190th Anniversary. New logos for Bachmann Europe Plc, Bachmann Branchline, Bachmann Narrow Gauge and Bachmann Collectors Club will appear on new Bachmann products during 2023.