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Today (Wednesday 4th May 2022) saw the unveiling of Bachmann's second round of new product announcements for 2022 as they launched the Summer 2022 British Railway Announcements. There are new identities aplenty from Bachmann Branchline and Graham Farish, many of which have been high on the list of consumer requests in recent times, whilst the Scenecraft range of hand-decorated, fully finished buildings, structures and accessories also sees various new additions and the return of several popular items.


Sounds of the 60s from Graham Farish

In N scale, further SOUND FITTED version of the Class 60 diesel locomotive have been added to the Graham Farish range now that the upgrades to this model, to allow for the fitting of a sound decoder and speaker, have been completed. Alongside these SOUND FITTED additions, a new model in DB Schenker, Army Red livery has been revealed. All the Graham Farish Class 60s now benefit from a pre-fitted speaker and Next18 DCC decoder socket, whilst SOUND FITTED models are fitted with a Zimo MX659N18 sound decoder.

A Loadhaul Class 37 and InterCity Swallow-liveried Class 08 join the Graham Farish range, the latter also being offered with SOUND FITTED, whilst the accessory range has been boosted, most notably with the addition of various different types of wagon and coach bogies.

Sales Area Exclusive Initiative Expands to N Scale

The first N scale Sales Area Exclusive models were also announced today; this initiative supports Bachmann’s valued network of retail stores and has seen various OO scale models released in recent years, each being available only from retailers in selected areas of the country. Expanding this initiative, the first Sales Area Exclusive models to be offered in N scale are four Class 37 diesel locomotives, each depicting locomotives never before modelled by Graham Farish.

A Colourful Trio of 90s from Bachmann Branchline

The highly acclaimed Bachmann Branchline OO scale Class 90 is offered in three new liveries; EWS, Rail Express Systems and Freightliner G&W. All three colourful machines are available in standard or SOUND FITTED format and are fitted with a finely-rendered Pantograph which can be raised or lowered via the built-in servo motor when operated on DCC.

The Freightliner G&W livery also adorns the Branchline Class 08 Diesel Shunter, with this model offered in Harry Needle Railroad Company Blue, and BR Blue liveries at the same time. With new versions of the Class 419 Motor Luggage Van (MLV) due this Summer, SOUND FITTED models were today unveiled marking the first time that a Bachmann Branchline Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) has been offered with this popular feature.

New from Scenecraft this Summer

There are new models in N, OO9, OO and O scale from Scenecraft this Summer, with a new OO9 scale Narrow Gauge Corrugated Station building appearing in two colour schemes. Other highlights include the N scale Low Relief Industrial Unit and the OO scale Seaside Shelter, whilst in O scale a new Site Office will prove useful for many applications.