7L-004-001 Dapol O Gauge Lynton & Barnstaple Square Post Home Semaphore Signal

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The L&BR was opened at a relatively late date in terms of railway construction in Great Britain. The whole line was opened at the same time and it was signalled throughout at the beginning by a single contractor, which meant that all the original signalling installations conformed to a consistent style.

The firm of Evans O'Donnell (EoD) of Chippenham were chosen as the signalling contractor for the L&BR and so all the original signalling equipment reflected the practice of that company. The railway was never extended nor subject to major alterations, so the L&BR did not have a
variety of signalling installations added intermittently over the years by different contractors to different styles. However after the takeover of the line by the Southern Railway (SR) in 1923 some different equipment did appear as a result of minor alterations and general maintenance.
The Dapol L&B signal will be the perfect accompaniment to go with the Lionheart Trains Manning Wardle Tank Locomotives. They utilise the now standard servo actuated control box and an exquisite superstructure that will look right at home on any L&B layout.

As with the N, OO & O Gauge Servo actuated signals the L&B signal will come with almost everything you need to set them up in the box. All you need to really do is hook up an appropriate power supply. For the modeller who really doesn't like soldering there is a 2m plug and play extension cable (4A-000-014) available to help reach between the signal and your control centre.

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