35-256ZSF Bachmann LNER G5 Class 0-4-4T Tank 67282 BR Lined Black Early Emblem Push Pull fitted with Hopper bunker DCC Sound Fitted

Expected Q3 2022

35-256ZSF - No. 67282 in BR Lined Black (Early Emblem)

• Triangular Cab Rear Windows

• Hopper and Cage Bunker

• Group Standard Buffers

• Boiler with rear dome position

• Ross Pop Safety Valve

• Vacuum Brake and Push Pull Gear fitted

• Rivetted Smokebox Wrapper

• Large Smokebox Door with number plate

• Coreless motor

• Firebox glow/flicker

• Factory fitted 11 x 15 mm sugar cube speaker & DCC Sound Fitted



TMC have commissioned Bachmann to produce an OO scale model of the G5 which will have a Next 18 Decoder interface, fitted speaker and Firebox LEDs. DCC Fitted, DCC Sound Fitted and weathered options will be available from TMC workshop.

Designed by Wilson Worsdell for the North Eastern Railway 110 of these locomotives were built between 1894 and 1901. The NER designated them as Class O, becoming Class G5 in LNER days. They served as passenger tank locomotives throughout the North Eastern Region lasting well into BR days. They could also be found on branch freight, station pilot and other duties. Some were transferred away from the North East in the 1930s, a small group migrating to the Great Eastern section at Stratford and then Cambridge. Another group was transferred to Scotland primarily for employment on pilot duties at Aberdeen and Inverurie Works, as well as at Keith and on the Banff branch. None of the class were preserved but The Class G5 Locomotive Co Ltd are well advanced with a new build locomotive. During their lifetime there were numerous detail alterations to the class. One of the most obvious alterations was the fitting of Push and Pull gear to a number of G5s during the 1930s. The first withdrawal of the class occurred in June 1948 but it was several years later before withdrawals gathered pace as DMUs took over many of the G5s traditional duties. A few managed to gain a Late Crest and at the beginning of December 1958; 11 were still in service the last withdrawals being at the end of that month.

Price to be advised closer to delivery. 

Pictures show EP Samples

More Information
DCC ReadyDCC Sound Fitted
Era (Period of operation)Era 4 (1948-1956)
RangeG5 Class
ScaleOO Gauge (1:76 Scale)
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