Scalextric Car Maintenance

What is the guide blade and braid?

The guide blade is normally a small 'keel' (but can be a pin as used in Micro Scalextric) which runs in the track slot and guides the car around the track layout.

The braid is fitted to the slot guide blade assembly. It allows electrical power to pass from the track rails, up through the braids and into the car to power the lights, motor and, if fitted, a digital chip, etc.

With regular use, the braid will eventually wear out and will need to be replaced. Regular maintenance and care can see a braid last for the life of the car. 

To keep the braid in good repair:
  • always clean them with a small stiff brush (an old toothpaste brush is ideal)
  • ensure that the braids are flat against the guide and not angled down
  • ensure that the braids are positioned so that they are in line with the track slot rails.

Replacing the braid

Since 1990, an easy-fit system has been used and most Scalextric cars have a very simple push-fit method of replacing the braid.



Replacing the guide blade

Guide blades do not wear out and will only need replacing in the event of breakage. The easy-fit guide blade can be replaced from the exterior of the car without the need for tools. The recent C8329 round guide blade requires a screwdriver to gain access to the interior of the car to release the guide blade retaining screw.



Spare or replacement parts can be identified using our Service Sheets.

If the part you require is not available through our website, contact our Customer Services team.

Cleaning the tyres gives the greatest amount of benefit to car performance.

Before using these tips, ensure that the track surface is clean and dust free.

For the novice:
  • Clean the rear tyres with a slightly damp cloth
  • Dry the rear tyres
  • Test the car on track.
  • A good tip is to visually check the colour of the rear tyres. If they are grey (the colour of dust) then they need cleaning. Repeat the process of cleaning and testing until the tyres remain black after a track test. Then, the tyres are ready to produce the best results.
For the experienced racer:
  • Clean the tyres with tape (masking/gaffer tape or similar)
  • Test the car on track.

Scalextric cars do not require additional oiling when used, say, for racing for fun. However, if you wish to improve the performance of your car there are several things you can do.

Tools required: Small philips screwdriver, small stiff brush, tweezers and 3-in-1 oil.

  • Remove the chassis from the car body
  • Use a small stiff brush to remove the dust and dirt from the interior of the chassis
  • Use tweezers or similar to remove debris entangled in the axles and wheels
  • Place one drop of light 3-in-1 oil to each of the axle bearings and to the motor shaft bearings
  • Wipe off any excess oil
  • Re-assemble the chassis to the car body
  • Test the car on the track.