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Customisation at TMC

Give Your Models the TMC Treatment


 Customisation Service

Our Promise

We will not compromise on quality...

We are very proud of the superb finish we are able to achieve and want you to be completely happy with your models. Our aim is to attain factory finish on every occasion, something we have done since 1998.

Getting models customised could not be easier;


You can buy a customised model straight from our website:

Choose the model you are interested in, then simply select the customisation options you desire from the right hand side of the page. From here all you need to do is continue through the checkout. As soon as your order is recieved we will carry out the chosen work (this usually takes up to one week, however during busy periods this may vary).



Send your models to us to be customised:

Step 1:

Click here to open the customisaton page, then select the customisation options that you require. You will be charged the respective amount plus a return postage fee (typically £4.95 for Interlink Express delivery).

Step 2:

Once you have completed checkout, send your models to The Model Centre, Hill Farm, Beck Hole, Whitby, YO22 5LF. You can send your models by any method you prefer; however we do recommend that you send them recorded. Don’t forget to enclose a note with your name, address, and order number.

Step 3:

We will acknowledge safe receipt of your models via email. From here the work usually takes up to one week, however during busy periods this may vary.

Step 4:

We will return your customised models to the address provided. You will be notified via email, and provided with a delivery estimate upon dispatch.
If you have any queries about this process then please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

What we do:

Weathering Service

We can weather any model in any gauge, whether you are buying it direct from us, or one you already have in your collection. Weathering can take on many different guises, whether you want a heavy in-service finish or perhaps a light preservation weathering or anything in between. We can do the hard work for you. We also offer a custom deluxe weathering service that can be modelled from photographs of real locomotives. The custom finish can be interpreted with dirt, rust, grime, soot, water, limescale and oil deposits and much more. Of course, weathering isn’t for everyone - our high gloss finish is a great way to give your model that extra special feel whilst keeping it clean. Just ask for our ex-works high gloss finish.

42968-zoomresized.png DCC & DCC Sound Fitting

We offer a comprehensive DCC and DCC Sound fitting service, choose from one of our many suppliers. This means you don't just have to choose from one small bank of sounds, we can get hold of most the sounds on the market for you! Choose from;


  • YouChoos
  • LegomanBiffo
  • Howes
  • Digitrains
  • Southwest Digital (SWD)
  • Mr Soundguy
  • LocoMan


Simply visit the supplier website, see which sound you prefer by listening to their demonstration videos, and we'll source and fit it for you. Our sound is professionally installed by one of our technicians, including syncing chuff rates to wheel revolutions and setting up speed curves. At the same time you can choose from any of our other customisation options and get a fully customised exhibition standard engine delivered to your door. 


Renumbering Service

We offer a wide range of renaming and renumbering options. Choose from our extensive stock locos and acquire all your favourite engines, with the names and numbers you desire. Perhaps you remember seeing the locomotive in real life, or you want to create a fictitious locomotive named after yourself. What ever your goal is, we can do the hard work for you. TMC enhance models wherever possible; examples of this are ensuring correct size, style and shade of lettering. The use of high quality etched nameplates, crests, headboards and shields also helps us achieve a factory finish. We ensure all transfers and etchings are designed to the correct specification and measurements in accordance with actual photographs of the real thing. Many locomotives carry unique plaques or crests which we tirelessly reproduce to a high quality simulating the prototype.

The Finishing Touches

There is no doubt that weathering your models helps to create realism, but there is no limit as to how detailed you want to make your TMC custom finish models. We have many optional extras for you to choose from take a look at the list below:

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