38-500Z Bachmann OO Gauge Pack of 4 BSC Ice Blue Covhop Wagons TMC Exclusive B870785 B870803 B886629 & B886743

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Also available with mixed levels of weathering - Click here to view     "Beet The Sugar Tax"   TMC are delighted to announce an Exclusive Pack of 4 Sugar Covhop wagons [38-500Z] Ltd Edition of 504 pieces. The specially commissioned Sugar COVHOPS have new tooling incorporated for the roof hatches and discharge pipes, together with a revised body/chassis alignment where required compared to previous releases. It was important to use photographic evidence for the actual wagons modelled as the discharge pipes are sometimes on the Catwalk side and sometimes on the Non Catwalk side - photographs showed they were only ever on one side of the wagon. The wagons are coloured Ice Blue, also referred to as Arctic Blue by BR. The Blue on the Sugar COVHOPS has been matched to the British Standard colour reference for Ice Blue in the BR corporate manual.  Whilst we think the livery is very attractive in pristine, there is no doubt it faded and weathered quickly. Most photographs available to us show the wagons towards the end of their working lives up to 14 years after paint was first applied. So to suit all tastes we are offering the wagons pristine, or with various degrees of weathering. Extensive research was undertaken for each Sugar COVHOP wagon produced and new tooling was required to ensure the wagons had the correct roof hatches and discharge pipes in the correct location. In addition on some wagons the body has to be turned 180 degrees to align properly with the chassis. *New Tooling incorporating Changes to roof hatches & discharge ports.   *Individual Running Numbers B870785 B870803 B886629 & B886743   *TMC Weathered Versions also Available   *Body mounted on chassis to reflect correct catwalk alignment with chassis    *Fitted & Unfitted versions in each pack    *Striking Ice Blue Livery   Add something different to your layout stock fleet.   Often referred to as CZV's very few seem to have this marking as most ran pretty much unaltered since conversion in 1964.   All to be in pre-tops SUGAR branding    All have been produced from photographs of the vehicles in service up to May 1978.  The ice blue livery might have been precautionary to prevent loading with any other load. They typically ran from the East Anglian sugar beet producing areas. A train of 8 - 12 wagons was not uncommon.     TMC wish to acknowledge David Larkin & Paul Bartlett's kind assistance with the considerable research information and photographs provided to ensure the accurate portrayal of the many detail differences incorporated in this superb Bachmann model.
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RangeSugar COVHOP Wagons
ScaleOO Gauge (1:76 Scale)
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